Signs It's Time To Replace Your Roof

Roofers are professionals that specialize in roof repairs, installation, and construction. Roof construction and repair is a specialized skill that takes plenty of expertise and training. Certainly, the roof is a vital part of the overall structure of a building. The roof protects the occupants from hazardous weather and keeps them safe and secure. Sooner or later the roof is going to start showing signs of wear. The building owner must make one very important decision. Is it time to replace the roof or repair. Here are a few key elements, signaling that it's time to replace the roof.

Older Roof
One sure sign that your roof needs replacing is age. The fact is that a roofs longevity depends on the weather conditions that it experiences. Certainly, those that live in extreme hot or cold weather conditions might find that their roof wears out sooner. However, the average roof last about 20 years.

Moss Growing On Roof
Surprisingly, the average property owner is shocked to discover that the green spots on their roof are moss. The fact is that moss loves shady areas. Consequently, moss thrives on a roof that is in a shady area. Moss holds moisture that damages the roof. Overtime, this might lead to the need for a complete roof replacement.

Algae On The Roof
Perhaps, you've taken a look at your roof and noticed strange green streaks across the roof. Moss grows on rooftops along with Algae. The average property owner might decide to ignore the green streaks. The fact is that ignoring the algae is a mistake. The algae problem will only escalate to an even bigger concern. The best course of action is to replace the entire roof with algae resistant shingles to prevent the growth in the future.

Missing Shingles
Perhaps, your roof's shingles have lasted a decade or more. Suddenly, you discover that a dozen shingles are missing. Of course, it's easy to request that roofers Toronto repair or install new shingles, but the new shingles will probably clash with the older shingles. In addition, those older shingles will wear out before the new ones. Soon, your roof will resemble a patchwork quilt, looking mismatched and very unattractive. We suggest that you replace the entire roof to protect the value of your property.

Sagging Roof
Sagging roofs are a dangerous warning about the foundation or structure of the entire building. Don't ignore a sagging roof. Certainly, it's best to act quickly and contact roofers for immediate replacement of the roof.

Remember, under some circumstances, replacing the entire roof is the only option to consider to protect the appearance and value of the property.