A Stress Free Approach to Hiring a Roofer

Choosing a roofer is no easy task, but there are ways to get excellent roofing services without a lot of stress and headache. Each one of these tips is a powerful way to ensure that the roof you pay for is watertight, beautiful and durable.

Factory Certifications
One of the best ways to see if a roofing company is on the up and up is to look at which factory certifications it holds. While each manufacturer puts roofers through its own paces, they all know that allowing a roofer to sport their logo puts their own reputation on the line, so they don’t give out certifications without some sort of vetting process. Most require that the roofing companies they certify meet the basic legal requirements for their service area and that the roofers are trained on the proper installation techniques for their materials.

Also important is the fact that roofers certified by a manufacturer offer warranties on workmanship and materials that other contractors can’t. Lifetime warranties are almost exclusively offered by factory-certified roofers. A lifetime warranty is usually backed by the manufacturer, so if your roofer is out of business in 10 years and you have a 25-year warranty, you’ll still be covered.

Professional Associations
A roofer who is part of a recognized contractors’ association has done more than sign up and pay a fee. Groups like the Roofing Contractors Association require their members to pass competency exams, carry the necessary local licensing and insurance, and make commitments to ethical business practices, giving you the assurances you need to confidently do business with them. In some areas, professional association exams have become the standard for licensing competency.

Internet Lists
Roofers such as Cherry and Clark Roofing who become members of an internet list site, like Angie’s List, have deliberately placed themselves under the microscope of public scrutiny. These roofing contractors know that one bad review from a client can be their undoing, so they work hard to ensure that their clients are satisfied. Using an internet list can help you find a local roofer with a good reputation.

Powerful Roofing Triad
For a stress-free approach to hiring a roofer, look for one who fits all three of the categories listed here. A roofer who is certified by one or more manufacturers, who belongs to a professional association and who is transparent in their business dealings to the point of joining an internet list is a quality roofer. These roofers will provide excellent services, and you will avoid the stresses typically associated with reroofing your home.