6 Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

6 Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

The average homeowner might experience trouble deciding whether to repair or completely replace their roof, if a leak is present. Here are 6 warning signs that it is definitely time to call in the professional roofers to replace your roof.

1. Consider The Age
Take a look at your aging roof? How old is the roof? Perhaps, you had the same roof since you moved into the house or built the house 20 years ago. The fact is that a roof has a life expectancy of around 20 to 25 years. However, roof life expectancy depends on a number of other factors too. For example, the climate. Roofs exposed to extreme weather conditions have a shorter life span. Older or aging roofs that were constantly patched over the years, also might require complete replacement by the roofers.
2. Consider The Shingles Condition
Take a look at the condition of the shingles on your roof. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the shingles are starting to buckle or curl under. This is a condition that happens to a roof that is under the hot, sun most of the day. Of course, this could also point to shingles that are defective. In addition, you have to consider the age of the shingles. Call your roofing company to inspect the damage on the shingles promptly or replace your roof.
3. Peeling/Blistering Conditions In The Attic
Take a look at the ceiling in your attic or the ceiling that is directly under your roof. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the paint on the ceiling is starting to peel or blister. Generally, this condition happens because the roof is not properly ventilated. Increased humidity occurs, leading to this very noticeable condition. This is a sign that the roof is damaged along with the gutter system that is surrounding the roof. It’s time to call in the roofers for further inspection or to install a proper roof.
4. Leaking And Stains On Ceilings And Walls
leaking roof will leave stains that are very noticeable on the ceilings. This might be due to flashings that are failing to perform their duty or it could be a sign that the roof underlayment is not functioning properly, Thus, allowing water and moisture to slip into the home. Often, a simple repair will not cure the condition permanently. A complete roof repair is the only solution.
5. Light Filtering Into The Attic
Take a few minutes to inspect your attic on a regular basis throughout the year. If you notice that the light is filtering in through the cracks in the roof, beware. This is a sign that the roof is damaged, leading to moisture and water damage invading the roof and attic ceiling too.
6. Escalating Heating And Cooling Bills
Surprisingly, a lot of home owners or property owners might notice a sudden increase in their heating or cooling bill. Generally, they assume that the rise is due to a problem with the heating or cooling system. Think again. The real culprit might be a roof that is damaged and letting air inside the home. Call the roofers Toronto in to verify the condition and replace your damaged roof.

Don’t wait until water is leaking into your home, to replace the roof. Pay attention to these obvious clues, like the ones included here to stay on top of the situation.

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