6 Items Movers Will NOT Move

6 Items Movers Will NOT Move

If you’re preparing for a move, working with a moving company promises convenience, efficiency, and expediency. Though many prefer this alternative to braving the move solo, there are some stipulations that aren’t up for debate. For instance, there are certain items that movers won’t transport. Here’s an overview of some of the belongings that movers are unwilling to move.

1. Perishable Food
Any items that are liable to spoil will not make it onto the moving truck. In essence, the movers don’t want to be held accountable for any food that goes bad. If you insist on bringing frozen foods along with you, you’ll be responsible for packing and transporting them yourself.

2. Pets
This one is probably a no-brainer, but some customers have tried it. Your animal is your responsibility, and the onus is not on the moving service to get your beloved pet from point A to point B. If your pet is coming along for the ride, you’ll need to accompany them.

3. Valuables
This one is more of a liability issue. Cash, documents, and jewelry all constitute as valuables. Should these possessions go missing, the moving company does not want the finger pointed at them. Even if you think you can get away with hiding these belongings in a box, there’s no sense in risking it. For your peace of mind, it’s wise to keep these materials on you.

4. Flammable Items
Purely for safety reasons, moving companies refuse to haul flammable items. Anything that puts workers in harm’s way is unacceptable to go in their vehicle. Charcoal, lighter fluid, and kerosene are materials that fall under this category.

5. Plants
Strange as it may seem, conveying plants for over 150 miles is considered illegal without a license. Pests, which are known to live in plants, can pose a serious risk to drivers if they run rampant in confined spaces. It’s for this reason why moving companies urge plant owners to either bid their foliage farewell or deliver them themselves. The Matco website is a useful source of information and resources.

6. Big Ticket Items
These belongings run the gamut from grand pianos to hot tubs. If the item is too large or grandiose to fit either on or in a moving truck, it will need to find another mode of transportation.

While these restrictions may seem baseless, they’ve been implemented with good reason. Not only is it inconvenient for movers to have to lug around these belongings, but it’s impractical as well. Fortunately, the list of items that moving companies can’t transport pales in comparison to what they can deliver.


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