4 Times When You Should Ask A Commercial Plumber For An Inspection

4 Times When You Should Ask A Commercial Plumber For An Inspection

The plumbing system looks fine to you. So, why did all the troubles and mishaps arise? Things looked great to your untrained eye, but defects and other issues were present. Maybe you should think about asking a commercial plumber to perform a necessary inspection when things look even slightly wrong. Here are four common signs you need a plumbing inspection done:

1. The Pipes Show Signs of Corrosion

Corrosion is another word for rust, and rust is never good for a plumbing drain. Two significant troubles arise when pumps suffer from corrosion. First, the pipe could start to crumble, leading to leaks. Second, there could be corrosion building up inside the pipes creating a future clog. Don’t make any assessments on your own about the pipes and related corrosion. Call a plumber to check things out.

2. Draining is Slower than Normal

Ignoring slow draining in the sinks, showers, or elsewhere is a bad idea. If the drain were free of obstructions, then the water would run out quickly. Obstructions don’t go away by themselves, either. Things could get worse. “Worse” usually means a costly backup that floods the interior. Now, you have to pay for water restoration work among other services besides the commercial plumber costs. Don’t ignore “little” problems because they can be serious ones.

3. Faucets Deliver Low Water Pressure

Sometimes, low water pressure could be caused by an air bubble. Other times, a hidden leak somewhere is creating the issue. Determining the root cause of the low pressure tells you how severe the problem is. Feeling okay about low pressure in the bathroom sink can be a bad idea. If a hidden leak exists, it is probably causing all sorts of problems somewhere. The water could even touch electrical lines creating a fire hazard.

4. Damp Spots Appear on the Ceiling

The presence of water marks or bubbling on the ceiling usually means there’s a leak. Sometimes, you won’t notice any dampness for a few days, and then it reappears. Don’t think this means the leak goes away and sometimes starts up again. The water may be pooling somewhere and overflowing. You need a plumber to tell you what’s occurring. Otherwise, the ceiling could collapse due to water damage-related weakening.

Never take any plumbing-oriented problems for granted. Let a skilled commercial plumber Scarborough perform a thorough inspection. This way, you learn the exact problem and take steps to address it.


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